Twenty Reasons For Gratitude

This is Jayme delivering the 1st bear to a child at the Jimmy Fund Clinic in 1997.

This time of year, when we’re feeling the rush of the holidays and the race to the end of the year, it is especially important to take a moment and pause. 

For us here at Jayme’s Fund, that means a pause for gratitude; a big one. 

We wouldn’t still be here as an organization, twenty years later, if it weren’t for everyone who has supported us. If it weren’t for the countless volunteers, individuals (from students to retirees), community organizations and businesses, who have connected with the mission of Jayme’s Fund, we wouldn’t be here, fulfilling our mission to bring help and hope to children in-need, educate our community about human rights issues, and provide opportunities for young people to get involved and make a difference. And we wouldn’t be able to keep Jayme’s memory alive and honor her passions in this way. Thank you.

Here are just twenty reasons that we are grateful this year. 

  1. For Jayme – we offer thanks for the visionary who led with a vision far beyond her years. We follow her legacy with joy, taking up the challenge of “what would Jayme do” and “how we can do something now”? 
  2. For the core volunteers and past board members who, over the past twenty years, have stepped into Jayme’s shoes, even when the path felt uncertain. Your work, from vision to implementation, day in and day out, is how we’ve made it happen. The hard work and sacrifice never went unnoticed.
  3. For the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, a flagship community foundation, and all who have offered their expert guidance, skills, and support along the way. 
  4. To twenty years of financial and in-kind donors, without whom we wouldn’t be able to offer scholarships, other financial support and grants, events, or education. 
  5. To everyone, from the media to individuals, who have helped to spread the word about Jayme’s Fund for Social Justice. We can’t operate in a vacuum. Thank you for believing in us and for helping to amplify our message. 
  6. To each musician and artist who has collaborated with us along the way, often for no charge, or at steeply discounted rates. The legacy of Jayme’s Fund has always been a kind one – thank you for believing in us and in Jayme and offering us kindness in return. And thanks for your incredible creativity and talents, all of which remind us of Jayme’s!
  7. To everyone who has taken on a leadership role for a fundraising event. You made it happen. 
  8. To everyone who has volunteered at a fundraising event. Without you, we couldn’t make bears or hold a golf tournament, concert, or any of the numerous events we’ve held over the past twenty years. 
  9. To everyone who has attended a Jayme’s Fund fundraiser – a fundraiser cannot be successful without its attendees. You keep us going! 
  10. To everyone who has taken and contributed photos of our events – you are the historians who help us to share the story of Jayme and Jayme’s Fund. 
  11. To Lisa Lipkin, Jayme’s aunt, who wrote the beautiful “Jayme’s Song” that continues to inspire us to make a difference. And to Dan Lennon, who wrote and performed the beautiful song “It is You” at our first benefit event at the Stockbridge Theatre.
  12. To all of the family members and friends who stepped up, no questions asked, to help Jayme’s Fund get off the ground, even when we didn’t know what it would become or what would be involved to get us there. 
  13. To all of the professionals, from financial to artistic and everything in between, who have supported and continue to support Jayme’s Fund for Social Justice. 
  14. To all of the businesses, large and small, who have supported and continue to support Jayme’s Fund for Social Justice. 
  15. To all of the educators and schools who have both embraced us and our mission and also have done their own work to offer help and hope to students. Thank you also for working in partnership with us to inspire students to apply for scholarships and get involved in volunteer opportunities with us.
  16. To all of the individuals and organizations who are supporting human rights, and especially the rights of children, both locally and around the world. It’s hard work and takes effort and commitment.
  17. To Jamie Feinberg, for holding the first benefit event for Jayme’s Fund, engaging the student community that Jayme was a part of, and letting us know that people care deeply, which gave hope and inspiration to the family and set a cornerstone for the Fund’s development. 
  18. To each of our scholarship recipients as well as all those who applied for support – thank you for learning about Jayme’s legacy and pursuing service and supporting social justice as you move forward in the world. You will make a difference! 
  19. To everyone taking a step, each day, to strive to do good in the world. 
  20. To everyone who isn’t listed here individually but will never be forgotten for their contributions to Jayme’s Fund – you were, are, and you continue to be the heart and soul of Jayme’s Fund. We wouldn’t, and won’t, be here without you. 

What and who are you grateful for, today? Please go let them know. And if you’d like to honor Jayme’s Fund’s 20 years with a recurring donation of $20/month, or of any amount that’s feasible for you, head here.

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