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Remembering Jayme

As I was thinking about writing this during the week, I was sitting on a bench near a river by my house that I frequent often.  I was thinking about Jayme, appreciating some much-needed contemplative time.  A white duck moved swiftly in front of me, bolting down the river while dodging the large rocks. It was remarkable because I…
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The Journey Of A Bear

Where do Jayme’s Bears go? To trace the journey of one of Jayme’s Bears, let’s start with a bit of a history lesson. Back in 2012, we launched the Jayme’s Bears Project, inspired by the mitzvah (or “good deed”) Jayme  completed at age twelve. She hand-made forty fleece teddy bears, delivering them to the Jimmy…
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Meet Rose Kozdra, Bringing Jayme’s Bears to Life!

Note: We recently interviewed Rose Kozdra, Jayme’s sewing teacher, who was instrumental in developing the Jayme’s Bears Project. Read more to learn about Jayme from Rose’s perspective, as well as about her involvement with Jayme’s Fund over the last two decades.  My name is Rose Kozdra. Jayme was my [sewing] student for a couple of…
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