Remembering Jayme and Those She Touched 20 Years Ago

Jaymes Fund and Remembering

Twenty years ago, the world lost a young visionary. All who knew her intimately experienced intense suffering, as you can imagine. Within days, a bank account was established to receive donations for “something” that would honor Jayme’s passions and support human rights. This ultimately became Jayme’s Fund for Social Justice.

Thank you for allowing Jayme’s Fund to carry Jayme’s energy forward, to develop and grow and remain sustainable!

It seems that trauma is more prevalent now, more than ever.

So many are traumatized from the pandemic, gun violence, political divisions, and now witnessing atrocities on the news daily in Ukraine. And all around our country and the world, people still experience racial and other cruel and horrific injustices.

Jayme understood these local and global injustices at a very young age and wanted to make a difference, acknowledging all of our human rights and helping people to get along despite our differences, caring about others and helping those who needed advocacy and understanding the most.

There is likely someone in your heart and mind that continues to inspire and help you grow. We are fortunate, with your help, to translate that energy into action, awarding scholarships, making and giving Jayme’s Bears, and inspiring others – especially youth – to make a difference.

Your support over the years has truly made a difference! With our collective effort, we do make an impact. As COVID challenges lift, Jayme’s Fund will continue our fundraising and resume our Jayme’s Bears events that were dormant over the past couple of years.  

Thank you, dear Jayme’s Fund Friends, for your love, kindness, and generosity, which continue to keep Jayme’s stars shining brightly!

Happy spring, be well, and do something good!

P.S. Donating to support those in need or doing something kind is a wonderful way to remember Jayme today or any time. This list is a great place to start if you’d like to support those in Ukraine but aren’t sure where to begin. And donations for Jayme’s Fund are always welcomed here.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for remembering Jayme.

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