Grants & Initiatives

Grants are awarded to organizations that are promoting human rights for children or delivering services for children in-need. Grants are awarded by invitation only.

Eligible organizations or programs for grants are those with a limited budget or that largely depend on individual contributions for sustainability.

Typically, 80% of grants are awarded in the United States, while 20% are awarded to international initiatives.

List of Grants

  • Jayme’s Scholar
  • Academic Scholarship
  • Mental Health Services For Children
  • Journalism Scholarship
  • Human Rights Scholarship Award
  • Child Health Services For Underserved Children
  • Special Assembly “Be Somebody”
  • Aid to Children Orphaned by the Tsunami
  • For Liberia Early Childhood Education Project
  • Babies In Need Food Program
  • Social Awareness Program For Desperately Poor Children, Cambodia
  • Fine Arts Program – Human Rights Photo journalism Exhibition
  • Aid to Children Orphaned Due to Hiv/Aids
  • Summerbridge Leadership Institute
  • Youth Empowerment Project
  • Health Services For Disadvantaged Children
  • Speaker’s Bureau, Prevention Program For High School Students
  • Pakistani Earthquake Relief Project
  • The KWC School of Leadership and the Arts in Calcutta, India
  • Leaders in Prevention Program and Family Education Series
  • Unrestricted Funds